Singapore summit capital management limited is a capital management company with UK, and United States capital background, based in Singapore, formerly engaged in angel investment field. We make full use of the global financial network advantages; adhere to the first-class service quality, provide tailor-made integrated investment solutions. We fully understand every customer’s needs, and provide timely, unique, personalized investment plans. With customers who we established a solid long-term relationship with, we are able to finish transactions under different market environments. Our core value is the investment management based on customers needs, using point-to-point service mode, in the form of “professional management, portfolio investment”, use of the advantages of professional organizations, provide investors with professional investment management services, to protect and add value of assets. Meanwhile, we also can provide sufficient capital security for our Asian target customers to solve different development needs. In addition to the use of our own capital, and at the same time actively introducing UBS, OCBC, UOB, Standard Chartered Bank, the European Investment Bank, GEBHARD Bank, WEST LB, and a constructed friendship with PE company and angel investment group, as strategic partners to solve problems and project development needs.

Our Team Consists Of:

Legal Analysts, who prove to be beneficial to potential companies seeking advantages and opportunities in foreign countries. Through their thorough careful research, navigating the international business climate to to ensure that operating costs, tax policies, and provisions of governance in sovereign countries are satisfied to be in compliance with their statutory laws.

Financial Consultants whose expertise provides a variety of strategies for investment opportunities, through the use of the latest technical analytical tools, consensus reporting, and market watch applications, gives us a competitive edge to have the latest up to date information when making informed decisions and giving advice to our clients.

Loan specialists, whose duty is to assess the needs of clients such as small businesses, clients with investment projects, and companies needing capital for operations or acquisitions. Our personnel initiates an evaluation process to make sure that the concerns, issues, or benchmarks of certain criteria is tailored in a reasonable structure so that expectations of reaching benchmarks of certain obligations from both the loan granters, and the clients are fully attainable.

Asset Management Specialists whose primary specialization is management of clients investments with diversifying portfolios to reduce risk exposure as well as optimizing capital gains on behalf of our clients. Products such as but not limited to; equity, fixed income, real estate, Agriculture, and international investments are just a few examples in which such applications are applied. Our most common clients who use such said services are usually high net-worth individuals, governments, corporations, and financial intermediaries.

Risk Evaluation Experts has become a critical part of our strategic planning, businesses are recognizing the need to evaluate the “risk landscape” of their company in the aggregate, rather than just measuring and managing individual risks one at a time. Our specialists are very well versed in carrying out due diligence assessments on all tasks that they are assigned to. With their extensive professional experience in risk analysis, and risk management techniques, Singapore Summit Risk evaluation experts are very experienced and knowledgeable in modeling, analyzing, and communicating the effects of combined risks to financial and non-financial institutions. Our expertise assist clients in measuring individual risk exposures and a composite of these risks factors and business units, taking into account correlations and diversification effects, to measure accumulated effect on performance measures such as earnings-at-risk or cash-flow-at-risk. Furthermore, clients benefit by having an improved quantification of the risks they face, a better assessment of the impact of their risks transfer activities-hedging and insurance on their overall risk, more precise contingency planning, and more accurate budgeting and financial planning.