Agricultural investment is one of the most important and effective strategies for economic growth and poverty reduction in rural areas where the majority of the world’s poor live.
Gross domestic product (GDP) growth in agriculture has been shown to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth originating in other sectors.

Rural development

FAO estimates that an additional investment of USD 83 billion will be needed annually to close the gap between what low– and middle-income countries have invested each year
over the last decade and what is needed by 2050.

In other words, yearly investment in agriculture needs to rise by more than 50 percent.

FAO’s activities to encourage investment in agriculture and rural development include:

  • technical and economic advice to governments on policies and legislation that influence public and private investment
  • capacity development of governments to design and execute multi-sector and multi-partner investment strategies aligned with their own priorities
  • assistance for countries to design, implement and evaluate investments, not only for agriculture and rural development, but also to meet the food and
    nutrition needs of their citizens
  • technical support to partner International Financing Institutions to leverage additional investment
  • Analysis of trends and impacts of foreign agricultural investment in developing countries
  • Support to international consultations to develop principles for responsible agricultural investment

Singapore Summit Capital is a long-term, knowledgeable, and nimble capital provider in agriculture. Our team is comprised of professionals with experience managing
and investing in agribusinesses. Our decades of experience building long-term collaborative relationships within the industry enables us to source proprietary
investments and add operational and strategic value to the companies in which we invest in. Our team members and advisors have lived and worked in agriculture
across the globe.

Our behavior and approach is different than private equity firms that seek controlling interests in companies. Our success is rooted in our ability to create constructive,
mutually beneficial partnerships.

Agriculture is a forever asset that requires an investment vehicle suited to its long-term nature. Singapore Summit Capital’s distinctive evergreen structure
enables us to hold onto an investment for a longer duration than traditional private equity firms. Singapore Summit Capital sought out this structure with the
goal to have fewer, longer-term investor partners and fewer portfolio companies to minimize complexity and risk. This structure enables us to have minimal
portfolio turnover and higher-quality partnerships with alignment of interestsbetween our investors and partner companies best serving our clients.

Our firm’s structure enables us to be flexible in how we invest in companies. We tailor each transaction to meet the goals of all involved.
Investments can be in the form of convertible debt, common stock, private equities or hybrid securities in private and occasionally publicly listed companies.

We strive to be good stewards of our investors’ money, our partners’ trust, our natural resources, and the communities in which we invest.
Stewardship is “doing good” by: 1) producing more with less, 2) improving the quantity, accessibility, and nutrition of food for a growing
world population, 3) addressing hunger and hidden hunger through more nutritious diets, helping people live long, healthy lives, with a
reduced health care cost, and 4) providing economic opportunities that are win-win for investors, communities, and employees.

Singapore Summit Capital’s investment specialists have been among the first to identify this global macro development and transform it into land based agricultural
investment opportunities. In the universal investment climate, sophisticated investors have been intensively looking out for real asset investments as offered by
Singapore Summit Capital.

While farmland can still be considered an incipient asset class, institutional investors have been including it in their portfolio mix, recognizing its low correlation
to the traditional asset classes and its potentially high regular yields. Singapore Summit Capital Advisors advises on Asset Management in the structuring of private equity
transactions with a clear focus on agricultural operations. Singapore Summit Capital Advisors was specifically set up to structure investments to the requirements of the
companies target clientele in China, the Middle East, and South East Asia comprising institutional investors, family offices, foundations, private banks and ultra high
net worth individuals.

Key differentiation of Singapore Summit Capital Management are its in-depth understanding of local markets combined with its ability to transfer technology
and know-how across its global operations. Singapore Summit Capital offers an outstanding combination of a deep agricultural expertise, operational improvement
skills and financial restructuring knowledge. As Singapore Summit Capital Advisors, we structure foretell transactions quickly, logically and efficiently;
we first focus on how to successfully return our clients’ funds rather than simply looking at how we get them invested.