Singapore Summit Capital Management and Financing Services

  • Loans and working capital for either expansion projects or for your start-up Business
  • Learn how other small business owners are succeeding in obtaining loans and working capital
  • Create credibility of your business with banks/investors through our capital management group to get
    the right investments you so deserve

Singapore Summit Capital Management Group, whose mission is to mobilize and facilitate the participation of U.S.,
Singapore Summit private capital and skills in the economic and social development of less
developed countries, as well as investments strategies for small businesses in countries in transition
from non-market to market economies. Summit Capital Group serves as a loan originator in the
joint venture capital network, where diversified resources is utilized to secure partnerships
for investment interests. Loans and working capital for Asia and other international projects
range from – $3 million to $300 Million U.S. dollars.

  • Business Loans for Manufacturing companies
  • Business Loans for real Estate Projects
  • Financing for Mining operations and expansions
  • Business Loans for Agricultural projects
  • Working Capital
  • SBA Loans
  • Project Financing
  • Management Consulting
  • Investment Level Business Plan.
  • Preparation consulting for submission to Lenders