Singapore Summit Capital Management foreign exchange Advisors is a uniquely unbiased FX risk management consultancy group. Our mission is to maximize client profitability by minimizing FX risk and costs through customized analysis and advice. Unlike banks and other FX firms, we don’t sell FX products, like trading accounts, wires or options – doing so would represent a conflict of interest, but merely giving our clients the best information based on our up to date analysis on the ever so changing markets on a daily basis.

Why manage Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure?

• Less costs/rates for FX market orders with banks and other providers
• Diminish the effects FX rate movements on profit margins
• Increase parity of future market fluctuations
• Reduce the need to precisely forecast the future direction of FX rates
• Expedite the pricing of products sold on export markets
• Protect a company’s competitiveness if the value of its home currency rises (e.g., giving a Euro. company time to increase productivity/cut costs if the USD rises)

Identify & Minimize FX Risk in your Investments – Don’t Let FX Uncertainty Cloud your Investment Judgment

Singapore Summit Capital does not touch client funds and does not sell investments. If you or your clients hold or are considering investments with FX exposure, we can review these investments to explain related FX risk to your returns and plan accordingly. More importantly, if you’re not sure if an investment is exposed to FX rates/risk, we can let you know. Either way, we can advise how to proactively address FX risk in your investments; we can also analyze FX transactions and processes of your investments and help to ensure that your returns are not diminished by excessive FX exposures.
Get the Unbiased Opinion of an Experienced FX Trader – Avoid the Up-Sell
Have a question about FX trading, the markets, or strategy and tactics? Simply want to talk to a professional FX trader? You can ask one our experienced FX traders and not worry about being pressured to purchase an online trading account or option – because we don’t sell FX investments or products, and we don’t manage client funds. We’re here to help, not up-sell (because we don’t touch client funds and don’t sell FX investments or products).

Get the Answers you Need with Customized, Professional FX Research and Analysis

Singapore Summit Capital’s team of experienced FX consultants has the perspective and resources to provide professional, customized FX research and analysis. Get expert answers to FX issues or regular market updates on your particular currency targets – both based on professional-grade FX data and insight.