We support project developers in structuring and arranging non-recourse finance for their projects.

There is plenty of money available for good projects. We will help you make your project one of these.

Structuring projects in such a way that they are tailored to attract debt providers requires a thorough knowledge of bank requirements, both in terms of risk allocation and formal processes. With our extensive experience in structuring and closing complex transactions we can help you ensure the bank-ability of your project.

Our regular presence on the lending market, our proven track record of closing transactions and extensive network enable us to know market conditions very finely and structure transactions that meet project finance bank requirements while providing borrowers with optimized terms and improved returns.

Your project will benefit from our early involvement during the development stage where we can apply our contracting and structuring skills, our extensive library of lessons learned and our modeling capabilities to optimize your expected returns and keep your options open.

During the financing process we will take care of all the commercial documentation banks expect, at the highest standard of quality (information memorandum, process letters, due diligence Q&A), allow you to keep control of the model and help with final negotiations and fulfillment of CP’s, leading to successful closing of your financing.

We support project owners or investors during the sale or purchase of stakes in renewable energy projects.

Project value depends on multiple parameters: underlying energy resource, regulatory framework, future capex and opex assumptions, corporate and tax constraints, and the financial structure. With our extensive experience in structuring and closing complex transactions we can help you to ensure an optimized value proposition for your project.

Your transaction will benefit from our structuring and process management skills and our wide presence in the renewable energy market. Singapore Summit Capital offers a complete suite of M&A advisory services ranging from project modeling and valuation to transaction services, due-diligence and post acquisition integration services.

We can perform a full project scan and valuation for an offshore wind energy project within a time frame of just a few weeks including initial due-diligence and Q&A.

Through our services we provide you access to one of the most experienced and largest financial advisory teams in the renewable energy sector – a team that will make a difference when it comes to closing the transaction that you envisage.

We provide focused directorial intelligence and specialized resources to reinforce your teams and projects.

The complex environment of renewable energy projects requires high quality information and strong management capabilities to create valuable projects. Your project will benefit from our deep market knowledge, strong analytical capabilities and process management skills.

We provide bench marking services, reviews of regulatory frameworks and analysis of recent market developments and transactions. Our intelligence includes recent terms and conditions on corporate and contractual structures, debt and equity transactions, participants and prevailing commercial terms. These services can take the form of ad- hoc reports or of seminars by our senior officers to your teams in the location of your choice.

We can also provide highly specialized staff, such as package managers, commercial managers, CFO, and board members, backed by one of the most experienced advisory teams in the sector.

Singapore Summit Capital has a growing team of contracting experts who can ensure your renewable energy projects are competitive and finance friendly at an early stage.

We offer contracting services standalone, or alongside financial advisory, to developers, suppliers and contractors. The complexity of developing and building large renewable energy projects requires that risks are identified both clearly and early, and are allocated in an appropriate contract structure. For example the multi-contract structure of offshore wind creates interfaces between different industrial scopes (such as fabrication of turbines, foundations, sub-sea cables and the marine installation of them) and interface risks. Each party involved in investing, financing, constructing, operating & maintaining has its own views and requirements with respect to risk allocation and mitigation.

Your project will benefit from our understanding of project risks and deep knowledge of market precedents and our relationships with financial parties and contractors.

We can help you design invitations to tender, evaluate (or, on behalf of contractors, help design) contractor bids, and negotiate full contracts to make your projects finance friendly and enhance your risk-return balance.

These services range from analytical reports on existing contracts to full time involvement in the contract tender and negotiations, and Singapore Summit Capital has extensive experience of managing the entire tendering and contracting process. Our staff has negotiated contracts with most of the major parties in the sector.