Pre IPO Advisory Services

Singapore Summit Capital Management can provide investors with highly valued, independent research on initial public offerings. Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge of IPO’s including valuation, deal structure, governance issues, startup industry sectors, and a vast database of more than 9,000 IPO’s to our advisory and valuation clients.

Pre-IPO Assessment

A non-partisan evaluation by Summit’s experienced professionals can limit the risks of being unprepared for investor rejections to your business plan or your corporate structure. Launching an initial public offering requires significant amount of executive time and financial resources. The penalties for a failed or disappointing IPO effort are wasted executive time, confused employees, negative publicity, and a potentially tainted reputation that can impede a future second IPO attempt. While legal counsel, bankers, and IR firms provide valuable pre-IPO advice, Singapore Summit Capital Management has a unique perspective: we analyze prospective IPO issuers the way potential investors will evaluate your company. Structural and fundamental issues that are likely to cause public investor rejections are identifiable and many are correctable. Our comprehensive assessment includes the following:


  • Targeting and analyzing fundamental strength and weaknesses
  • Researching corporate and governance structure
  • Identifying and assessing key risks and concerns
  • Selecting appropriate comparable public companies for valuation purposes


Stock Option Valuation Services

As experienced IPO specialist’s, we understand the importance of an accurate, sound and defensible valuation of a private company’s stock and stock options as it approaches the major milestone of its initial public offering. The valuation of a private company’s stock is influenced by the company’s stage of development, competitive position, the valuations of publicly traded comparable companies and third-party transactions. We have a sophisticated understanding of the issues and considerations associated with a variety of valuation techniques as they relate to fair market value (IRC 409A), fair value (ASC 820) and other valuation needs of management and the board of directors.

With years of interaction with institutional investors and private companies ready to go public, we have practical experience in addition to experience in applying the valuation techniques and guidelines provided by the AICPA, FASB (GAAP) and the Accounting Standards Board (USPAP). We are accustomed to analyzing new industries and their valuation challenges. We work with our clients to provide valuation updates as often as needed and validate the valuation analysis when our clients are ready to turn it into a valuation report.