The Singapore Summit Capital Mining Fund is advised by Singapore Summit Capital LLP which can draw on an Investment Team with a wealth of experience of the mining industry, mining investment and long-term private equity investment in Emerging Markets. Singapore Summit Capital will seek to take advantage of current market conditions to invest in under-funded Emerging Market and Africa focused resource companies over a medium to long term investment horizon.

Singapore Summit Capital is advised by a strong, technically-orientated Investment Team of experienced private equity investment and mining finance professionals, with long histories of association with Emerging Markets and Africa.

The Investment Team is made up of three Principals, Investment Directors and Investment Analysts with geological, mining engineering, metallurgical, economics and business backgrounds.

Singapore Summit Capital invests in junior and mid-tier evaluation, development and producing mining companies. These companies are typically seeking to drill to expand known resources, are engaged in building production facilities, or are current producers who are pursuing growth opportunities.

Singapore Summit Capital will seek to develop a risk-weighted portfolio of mining investments spread by commodity, country and investment stage. The strategy mirrors a successful Historical Track Record of investments made in the same geographies over the past 20 years by the Principals of Singapore Summit Capital.